nineteen93exoticness asked: Is there an way for me to buy music tee's from you guys online?

unfortunately the music tees are not available via online. only our bay area stuff at and the Cal/UC Berkeley stuff at  sorry!

Anonymous asked: closing hours

11-6:30 now, during the summer we close at 7.

high-points asked: this is kinda a strange question, but i was just recently in your store and i loved your music. what are some of the artist you play in the store?

hello there, well we listen to Sirius XM radio, which changes on the daily.  if you are referring to the music down in the basement, that is up to the employee who is working at the time, for they have their own playlist/cds etc. sorry, wish i could help more. try using Shazaam next time!

Anonymous asked: do you guys sell Strokes shirts?

yes we do! come check them out!

Anonymous asked: Do you have Queen(the band) t-shirts?

yes we do! come check them out! 

Anonymous asked: can i order online? how much is shipping and how long does it take to ship? thanks!

Hi There! sorry for the delayed response— yes you can, .  it depends where we are sending it to, usually 3-4 if you live in California. 

hope that helps!

Bay Muscle tanks — still have a few left ! $16


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Shoesday Tuesday


Tools of Criminal Mischief




Tom Gauld



Goniurellia tridens is the “come at me bro” of fruit flies, carrying two menacing ant shapes as a defensive display. 

If you missed it last night, check out these amazingly-disguised moths and butterflies that I saw on a tour of UF’s Lepidoptera collection last weekend. Just when I think I’ve found the coolest decoy coloring, I see something like this … what else ya got, nature?

(photo by Peter Roosenschoon, which is a very cool name)